More Cliparts!

Originally I created a couple at first, but I made more. I made them with Microsoft Paint. It was pretty hard to draw with a mouse. I could have used a touchscreen computer or an iPad, but I didn't think about that at that time.

Anyways, just enjoy these pictures. Reuse of these all of these images are allowed.

This is my first clipart after the smileys that I made. This is actually the first one that I came up with making cliparts.

Just something random. I don't really know why I chose to put the word "Cell Phone" on the screen, but that is just random.

What is the first food that preschoolers are usually taught? An apple!

I use this almost everyday. Use at school, do my homework, doodle with it, etc. Lots of uses for a pencil!

This is the only one on this webpage that is not a thing. Instead, this is a logo of Youtube.

Plan on giving this as a gift to my friend who loves potty humor. She must love it. I am using this as an imitation of the poop emoji.

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