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My Java project, a simple shapes calculator!

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More Cliparts!

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Make pottery out of old paper!

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Truths and Lies of my Sister!

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List of "OMG" videos

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Why is the background now black?

I thought that black background and white text was better, so I decided to change the color. You will notice that the text has color as well!

What will happen in 2020?

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Lame Jokes

Random clipart pictures

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This website's story

So I wanted to do some summer learning, so I learned html programming. Html coding is the type of programming for making websites. I wanted to have some fun, so I made this website and LOL, I did not plan out to make a personal blog. Share this page if you want to share this content! Remember to check back every week! My Youtube channel.

Her fish died :(

Everyone wants money! This invention will help you earn money very easily.

California has alot of pigeons (And sea lions too)

I do not know why, but people don't eat the bread bowls from their soup and toss it on the ground. I guess it makes great food for pigeons and seagulls! This was at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco.

Sea lions

Big female brid squacking and nesting eggs!